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Don't miss out on the biggest opportunity in real estate today - Zillow's #2 Ranked Hottest Market in America - what people are calling 'the new Austin.”

The Prosper “Buy Cleveland” Real Estate Fund

The Prosper “Buy Cleveland” Fund is solely dedicated to acquiring and managing residential real estate and multi-family housing in the Cleveland metropolitan area.

With over 15 years of experience in the Cleveland market, our team boasts a unique understanding of the local trends, opportunities, and challenges.

Our mission is to generate consistent, long-term returns for our investors by acquiring a diverse portfolio of properties, focusing on single-family homes priced from $75,000 and multi-family units from $500,000 to $5M.
Our core strategy revolves around identifying undervalued assets in strategic locations, implementing targeted improvements, and leveraging our strong property management capabilities to optimize revenue generation and minimize risks.

We invite you to join our growing community of investors and take advantage of the attractive opportunities available in the Cleveland real estate market.


The New Austin

Prosper identifies extraordinary opportunities which it moves quickly when we find them. We aggressively buy in B class, around the “health-tech corridor” – near hospitals and/or in the path of progress areas where we know there are significant development initiatives. In many cases, all of these overlap. For example, we buy in the immediate areas of:

The Prosper Management

The management team at the Prosper Cleveland Fund has the ultimate inside track on upcoming development, micro- and macro-trends, neighborhood shifts, value block-by-block, and home-by-home. Together, because of the depth and precision of their knowledge, they have been called Cleveland’s “living real estate AI.”

The Prosper fund and its property management group are known for being proactive in anticipating the needs of tenant issues that arise during ownership. By keeping a close watch on rents in the economies of the Cleveland market, they often work out fair proposals with tenants that keep them loyal, content, and in place.

This approach has worked to maintain high occupancy and steady returns. It is estimated that in similar current portfolios owned and partly managed by Prosper principals, there is approximately 92% percent occupancy in more than 985 units. Prosper has excellent ongoing relationships with the majority of the most recognizable real estate brokers, managers, and construction brands in Cleveland.

Join The Prosper "Buy Cleveland" Real Estate Fund to Capitalize on:

Young Professional Demographics

Booming Med-Tech Investments

Strong rental market


Infrastructure investments

Opportunity zones

The Prosper Advantage

We think like owners with a
vision for long-term ownership.

We focus on properties that can prosper through varying economic cycles. Our managers have over 40 years of combined experience investing in real estate as principal investors and general partners over multiple economic cycles, through capital market downturns as well as rising markets.

Our large legacy portfolio
attracts new deals and talent.

Over decades, Prosper’s team has built a reputation for skilled purchasing, improvement, and asset management that is known and respected throughout the Cleveland metropolitan area. Our investment strategy is to work with the best-in-class construction partners, banks, and development companies. Many years of successful projects have established Prosper as a go-to partner for residential and commercial projects of all sizes.

Our operating group knows
Cleveland, property-by-property.

Prosper is a leading real estate operator whose managers have a long history of high returns in one of the most consistent real estate markets in the world.

Buy Cleveland today.

Invest in The Prosper Fund now.

Projected Approximately

24% IRR

Prosper is a leading real estate operator, whose managers have a long history of high returns in one of the most consistent real estate markets in the world.

The fund plans to deploy $25 million of equity and $25 million of debt and generate 24% IRR. Prosper will seek to invest $25 million in assets that generate cash returns and where value can be created with development, turnaround, or rehab.

The fund will acquire roughly 100 assets in the next 6 (months) and 225 more over the 5 years of the fund operation.

The Prosper Portfolio

Property #1

Property #2

Property #3

The Prosper Founders



Kelly is known throughout the Cleveland real estate community as “the total real estate professional.” Kelly has unique and comprehensive “hands-on” experience spanning twenty years, including property identification, acquisition, financing, construction, lending, leasing, sales, title insurance, and management. Coming from a family that stood for hard work and integrity, Kelly started in the business by identifying properties for acquisition for several very large and notable real estate industry companies. From humble beginnings, she has since acquired approximately 2,000 properties and sold or rented them to users or investors.

In addition, she has founded and runs several companies that have continued to grow acquiring both residential and commercial properties and provides all the services of acquisition, title insurance, financing, construction and renovations, leasing, management and sales.



Jordan Ruben serves as Co-Founder of Prosper Fund and CoPresident of Guardian City Investments. With his advanced knowledge of real estate market trends and the inner workings of the financial industry, Jordan Ruben creates corporate value and high investment returns while improving homes and apartment buildings throughout the United States. The outstanding nature of Cleveland’s institutional, med-tech and stable economy along with the local expertise of Kelly Stumphauzer has made this city his focus.

Jordan specializes in identifying residential and commercial properties in need of revitalization, then implements strategies that lead to acquisition of equity, rapid growth, and solid investment returns. He has played a key role in continued development of strategic relationships and gaining efficiencies in response to an increasingly demanding real estate environment. Jordan is a seasoned land developer who buys and entitles raw land to flip to national home builders.

Buy Cleveland today.

Invest in The Prosper Fund now.

Large Increase in Institutional Investing

Cleveland is seeing a massive increase in institutional investing, especially in the
medical tech field, bringing in thousands of high-paying jobs. The big ones are:

A 1,600-acre area in Cleveland is being developed as a hub for healthcare and technology companies. The corridor features multiple r&d and dozens of large institutional partners.

The globally leading medical institution has been expanding its presence in the city with over $1 billion invested in its main campus, with new facilities for neurology, heart and vascular, and cancer treatment.

Recently teamed up with the Cleveland Clinic to create its Health Education Campus, which features state-of-the-art facilities for medical education.

A large increase in infrastructure investing.

Cleveland has been investing in infrastructure improvements, such as:

The $2 billion Cleveland Hopkins International Airport expansion. The total cost of the terminal rebuild is an estimated $2 billion.

The $50 million Public Square renovation project and the $300 million plans for Circle Square include buildings on either side of Stokes Boulevard at the northwestern gateway to the city’s medical, educational, and arts district. They involve developing a new downtown-like area for residents and workers in University Circle, one of the city’s fastest-growing neighborhoods.

These investments are expected to boost the city’s economy and make it a more attractive place

The Prosper Fund Offering Details


LP Fund


REG D 506C


Minimum Unit: One







Buy Cleveland today.

Invest in The Prosper Fund now.

You have questions?

We have answers.

What is a Reg D 506(c) Offering?

Regulation D, Rule 506(c), is a provision under the Securities Act of 1933, enacted by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It provides an exemption from the registration requirements for certain offerings of securities. Reg D 506(c) specifically pertains to private offerings that allow companies to raise capital from accredited investors through general solicitation and advertising.

By utilizing Reg D 506(c), companies can engage in a wider pool of potential investors through general solicitation while adhering to specific requirements and restrictions set forth by the SEC. It provides a means for companies to raise capital in private offerings without going through the more rigorous and costly process of public registration.

Why Invest in Real Estate Now?

Real estate provides a strong investment opportunity due to its potential for both income, depreciation and appreciation. In the current climate, with young professionals leaving the coasts for cities across the Midwest, South and central West, there is more room for appreciation in these areas. Increasing property values and still relatively low historical interest rates combine to make this an opportune time for investment.

Why is Prosper so well-positioned in Cleveland?

As seasoned real estate professionals, having owned or managed well over 2000 properties, Prosper is acutely aware of the extraordinary upside likelihood in Cleveland’s real estate market.  The Prosper team has virtually unmatched experience and consistent success in buying, managing, upgrading and selling both residential and commercial property throughout Cleveland for well over a decade.

We are proud to say that we know this city “neighborhood by neighborhood, street by street, property by property.”  Deeply entrenched in the civic and professional world of Cleveland at the highest levels, we know where the investment is coming, which neighborhoods are most likely to benefit from new tech and med-tech investment and specifically what kinds of buildings offer the greatest upside potential.

What are the Projected Returns on this Investment?

We project returns of approximately 24% per annum, not including potential profits from selling off all the properties at the end of the 5 year investment period.

What is an Accredited Investor?

The offering made under Reg D 506(c) is limited to accredited investors. These are individuals or entities that meet specific financial criteria, such as [Income]: gross income exceeding $200,000 in each of the two most recent years or joint income with a spouse or partner exceeding $300,000 for those years and a reasonable expectation of the same income level in the current year; [Net Worth]: a person whose individual net worth, or joint net worth with that person’s spouse or partner, exceeds $1,000,000, excluding the person’s primary residence; [Professional credentials] investment professionals in good standing holding the general securities representative license (Series 7), the investment adviser representative license (Series 65), or the private securities offerings representative license (Series 82), being a director, executive officer, or general partner of the issuer of the securities, being a trust or estate with assets in excess of $5 million, or being a natural person who is a trustee of a trust that qualifies as an accredited investor, and in some cases; [Other investments]: certain types of investments, such as securities issued by a qualified retirement plan, may qualify an individual as an accredited investor.

Why is Cleveland Rated by Zillow as The #2 Best Real Estate Market in America in Which to Invest in 2023?

Cleveland’s strong market ranking is due to factors such as highly affordable property prices, robust rental demand, a shortage of housing for the influx of young professionals, robust multi-billion dollar med-tech and tech investment in the downtown area  and steady economic growth.  For these reasons, Cleveland has been recognized as one of the most highly rated cities with an upside for real estate.

How Will My Investment be Used?

Funds raised will be used to purchase a carefully curated portfolio of both residential and commercial properties in the Cleveland market. The aim is to generate income through rental yields and capitalize on property appreciation over time.

How are These Returns Generated?

Returns are generated both through rental income and property appreciation. The real estate market in Cleveland is currently well-positioned for both.

What is the Exit Strategy for this Investment?

The exit strategy involves selling off all the properties at the end of the 5 year investment period, which should provide a significant return on investment.

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